Monday, February 25, 2008

Terence's Oscar Recap!

Ok. That is a joke. I will not recap the Oscars, and I will not tell you my opinion on every single award and moment of the entire 10 hours it lasted. Ok, maybe I have a few opinions:





I'm pretty sure Golden Compass had polar bears. That talked. Wow, big deal. Transformers had Optimus Prime. I think the Academy just can't handle the awesomeness that is Michael Bay. He's just too awesome, right?

Freedom is the right of all Verizon Fios Customers.

Other Oscar problems? Well, Ellen Page didn't win best actress, so yeah...its been a sad monday...

Its ok Ellen, you're my best actress. Always...

Gothy Juno Screenwriter Diablo Cody did win for best original screenplay, so i guess thats cool too...i guess...

Hey! Miley Cyrus was there too!

The next time we hang out Miley, I will redeem myself. My heart can't rest til then...

As for my serious opinions about the winners, you will have to read my other blog (note: doesn't exist), and I think this blog will be taken out of my hands very soon if i keep posting pictures of Hannah Montana, yet i do not understand why.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Image Tuesday! Complete with(out) Lindsey Lohan nudes!

Alright, I know now it is definitely Wednesday, but "New Image Tuesday" just sounds so right. It rolls off the tongue like a tasteless joke. Uh...what. Besides, it's got to be Tuesday somewhere in the world (Interesting fact: its not) So anyways, I've got a plethora of Ultimate Sacrifice images ready for ya this here Tuesday. Ready!? READY!? No, neither am i...

First up is the men* of Ultimate Sacrifice, Joe, Paul, and Arnold, ready to find that Holy Grail:


The next shot is of the same guys facing off against mysterious Robed Figures who become quite antagonizing to Ultimate Sacrifice and their quest, thanks to some strange and unexplained powers:

You know some action is gonna happen. Also I'd just like to pay my respects to someone in that image that is no longer with us. Sigh, only the good die young...(hint: its the van)

What's next!? I don't know! How's about a tender scene between Arnold and Mary, the wayward member of Ultimate Sacrifice (wayward! SAT word!):

As Mary's faith in both Christianity and Ultimate Sacrifice falls apart, Arnold, who looks to her as a motherly figure (GET IT!? MARY!? HA HA!), asks her a simple question: "Why?" Unforunately you cannot see Mary's face, due to copyright issues...

I'm stupid! Next up is our lead guitarist, Paul, played by legitimate actor Michael Thaddeus Simms:

What do you think has got him all upset? Telling would give away a plot point! Let's just say that the cross he's wearing, its getting heavy...

Alright, so shit goes down in this movie. It ain't all music and fans and lack of wingspan, its fucking action. I'm talking guns, swords, Whoppers, plasma cannons, and birthday presents. And in the middle of it all is this mother fucker right here:

Joseph, leader of Ultimate Sacrifice, protector of Christianity, and symbolism of Terence Krey's vanity. What's he so scared of in this shot? Could it be one of the villains of the film!? (Duh) Nice pants too.

Speaking of villains, let's introduce some. First up is Lise, the antithesis of Joe, and lead singer of rival band The Body Thetans. Her instrument, is a gun:

She means business, and she's got the firepower to prove it. Ok so maybe she only uses a gun once, but still. Could she bring an end to Ultimate Sacrifice's reign as the king of Long Island indie music!? And where does the Grail fit in to all this? (hint: up my ass)

And while you think that would be enough for Ultimate Sacrifice to handle, well you are shit wrong, cuz we got another guy who can kill you and make a Triple Whopper in less than 30 seconds. His name is Jeff:

Jeff is the manager of the local Burger King who may or may not have information about the Grail. Can Joe and the guys trust him, or does he have is own motives!? Shit, i don't know!

Well folks, we got one image left, and I think it sums up the feelings of everyone that has worked with such a talented actor as Hugo Lopez (Arnold the drummer):

Moved to tears. That's right. That right there, that's called craft., its called Kraft, macaroni and cheese, that's what he was thinking of to get that emotion you see. Yeah....why are you still reading.

So how did this new image Tuesday go? I think it came out pretty well. We got the job done, and all of us survived. I'm amazed I did it two weeks in a row. But that's the world for ya, tiny surprises. Until next time folks,

Radio Nowhere, new video release!

A music video/narrative montage done for an editing class and a tribute to Bruce fucking Springsteen.

Radio Nowhere, In the future, a man returns home from war only to discover that his town is now dead, in more ways than one. Fortunately, he finds comfort both in some undead monsters, and a very, very special album.

Or Watch it on Youtube!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Package & The Bottle Cap, Two Silent Shorts!

These are two silent black and white shorts shot for a filmmaking class. They are magic. Magic!

The Package, A secret agent must get a super secret briefcase to safety, but also has to deal with strange masked men that are out to get him. Wuh oh, sounds pretty badass. Starring Terence Krey, Hugo Lopez, and Mixmaster Mike Pilo

Or watch it on Youtube!
Or watch it on DIVX Streaming (Highest Quality Folks!

The Bottle Cap
, The Man in White receives the greatest prize of not love...a winning bottle cap from his bottle of soda. However, he meets his match when a Man in Black discovers his win, and wants the bottle cap for himself. Uh, hilarity ensues. Starring Wowie Kazowie actors Ryan Trant and Tim Kelly.

Or Watch it on Youtube!
Or Watch it on DIVX Streaming (Highest Quality Folks!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Part Time!

God damn....god....damn.

You must watch the trailer for the greatest movie to come out this summer,

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Instead of me talking about how amazing the trailer is or how Indiana Jones is part of my life, I will sum it up with this convo from when the trailer premiered (I was in class):

(Indy trailer about to start for first time)

Fellow Film Student: "Hey man, what happened in Screenwriting on Tuesday?"

Me: "Hold on a second, I have to watch my entire childhood come alive"

Click here to watch Harrison Ford prove he can still kick your ass

Don't forget to notice the snazzy countdown in right column of this blog. Stare at it, become one with it. Muahahahaha.....

- Terence "I should have sent it to the Marx brothers" Krey

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Image Tuesday! (or Wednesday)

Hey everyone. I bet you thought i wasn't going to write on this today. Neither did I! HA!

Well, i thought about possible adding some routine to the blog, like having weekly releases of material for whatever we're doing currently. So i figure, why not make tuesdays the days when you get new pics from Ultimate Sacrifice! Yeah, i know its after midnight, therefore making it Wednesday, but come on, don't be a smarty pants. Geeze....

Aight so here we go...excited!? I KNOW! I think you can click on them to enlarge them, so rock that.

First up is me, being beautiful:

Great, I know. It took me about 4 years to grow that facial hair.

Next up, is something not out of the ordinary, A Knight of the Crusades!

Played by the newcomer Michael Pilo, the Knight is just one of the many things standing in the way of Ultimate Sacrifice and retrieving the Grail. Another thing would be this guy:

Whoa! A Nazi! Well come on, how could we do a Holy Grail movie and not have at least ONE Nazi. This ultimate villain is played by veteran Ryan Trant, and judging from what he's holding, I'm sure you can imagine who he gets into a scuffle with (hint: see the second picture, dumbass)

Wow images rock! They are like real life but frozen! Uh yeah, well I got one more picture for ya, it ain't from Ultimate Sacrifice, but a short planned for Christmas 2007 but hasn't been released yet. And well, I think it speaks for itself:

If you are one of the five people who know what this film is a sequel too, then, well, you were probably in the film. Maybe....And for those of you that want to see this unreleased film, don't worry, we're working on it. Kinda....sorta.

Alright alright, one more image. Just one!

I want her in a Wowie Kazowie film. Among other places. ZING!

Well that's it for me folks, I have to go get beat up by my girlfriend. I hope you enjoyed this NEW IMAGE TUESDAY (or wednesday...assholes) and may you live long enough to see next weeks.

-Terence Krey

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wowie Kazowie Productions' Blog

Now, you may be thinking that this is a new thing for Wowie Kazowie Productions, but blogging is a song we've sung before. Back a year or two ago when we had our public access show, I started a blog which would chronicle what's going on with us, and it would mainly involve our show and the synopsis of what was on it. Yeah, woo, blogging rocked.

Then the show stopped, and I realized that there would be very little to do with a blog other than...well, blog. And then i began being plagued by thousands upon thousands of comments from spam and those robot things...what do they call them...goblins? vampires? Whatever. So i ended up saying goodbye. "Fuck the Police" says Tupac, "Fuck the Blogs" says I.

Hooooweeeever, I am not one to give up on technology, and since it's monday and i'm bored, i guess i will make a new blog for Wowie Kazowie Productions. We still do things, even though you haven't seen an official short from us since 2006. The website is a creature unto itself, I find it increasingly difficult to update a site thats main offering are videos when there are sites that are ten times easier to upload a video. Nevertheless, i feel that the vids you watch of ours should be of the highest quality possible so, ya know, goobyloobs.

Anyways, this blog is going on way too long. See? Are you still reading? Don't worry, it's the first one, the other ones won't be so long, and they will have videos and pictures and cave drawings for you to be amused or irritated by. Basically what i want out of this blog is for you, the fan (James Russell pretty much), to be completely updated on what's going on with the shit we do day in and day out, including our feature-length film, Ultimate Sacrifice and the Holy Grail. "You're still doing that one!? Really?" Fuck yeah we are. 95% done is a pretty serious accusation, so i won't make it. I will also try to get Dan to write on here for things that i cannot explain (Fool's Gold review, etc) and because he is half of Wowie Kazowie (not 1/3...crystal!)

So yeah, that's the story. I'm sure this will be updated heavily for a week, then once or twice a month, and then never. Enjoy it while it last folks.

- Terence "Fred Jones Soda" Krey
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