Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Image Tuesday! (or Wednesday)

Hey everyone. I bet you thought i wasn't going to write on this today. Neither did I! HA!

Well, i thought about possible adding some routine to the blog, like having weekly releases of material for whatever we're doing currently. So i figure, why not make tuesdays the days when you get new pics from Ultimate Sacrifice! Yeah, i know its after midnight, therefore making it Wednesday, but come on, don't be a smarty pants. Geeze....

Aight so here we go...excited!? I KNOW! I think you can click on them to enlarge them, so rock that.

First up is me, being beautiful:

Great, I know. It took me about 4 years to grow that facial hair.

Next up, is something not out of the ordinary, A Knight of the Crusades!

Played by the newcomer Michael Pilo, the Knight is just one of the many things standing in the way of Ultimate Sacrifice and retrieving the Grail. Another thing would be this guy:

Whoa! A Nazi! Well come on, how could we do a Holy Grail movie and not have at least ONE Nazi. This ultimate villain is played by veteran Ryan Trant, and judging from what he's holding, I'm sure you can imagine who he gets into a scuffle with (hint: see the second picture, dumbass)

Wow images rock! They are like real life but frozen! Uh yeah, well I got one more picture for ya, it ain't from Ultimate Sacrifice, but a short planned for Christmas 2007 but hasn't been released yet. And well, I think it speaks for itself:

If you are one of the five people who know what this film is a sequel too, then, well, you were probably in the film. Maybe....And for those of you that want to see this unreleased film, don't worry, we're working on it. Kinda....sorta.

Alright alright, one more image. Just one!

I want her in a Wowie Kazowie film. Among other places. ZING!

Well that's it for me folks, I have to go get beat up by my girlfriend. I hope you enjoyed this NEW IMAGE TUESDAY (or wednesday...assholes) and may you live long enough to see next weeks.

-Terence Krey


joyce said...

oh you are bad.

CDtrails said...

Yo moron. Where are the wonderful images of me...or JOyce?! Where's the female love? Ellen Page doesn't count! You already have two lovely females in WKP!

I revolt.

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