Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Package & The Bottle Cap, Two Silent Shorts!

These are two silent black and white shorts shot for a filmmaking class. They are magic. Magic!

The Package, A secret agent must get a super secret briefcase to safety, but also has to deal with strange masked men that are out to get him. Wuh oh, sounds pretty badass. Starring Terence Krey, Hugo Lopez, and Mixmaster Mike Pilo

Or watch it on Youtube!
Or watch it on DIVX Streaming (Highest Quality Folks!

The Bottle Cap
, The Man in White receives the greatest prize of all...no not love...a winning bottle cap from his bottle of soda. However, he meets his match when a Man in Black discovers his win, and wants the bottle cap for himself. Uh, hilarity ensues. Starring Wowie Kazowie actors Ryan Trant and Tim Kelly.

Or Watch it on Youtube!
Or Watch it on DIVX Streaming (Highest Quality Folks!)

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