Monday, February 25, 2008

Terence's Oscar Recap!

Ok. That is a joke. I will not recap the Oscars, and I will not tell you my opinion on every single award and moment of the entire 10 hours it lasted. Ok, maybe I have a few opinions:





I'm pretty sure Golden Compass had polar bears. That talked. Wow, big deal. Transformers had Optimus Prime. I think the Academy just can't handle the awesomeness that is Michael Bay. He's just too awesome, right?

Freedom is the right of all Verizon Fios Customers.

Other Oscar problems? Well, Ellen Page didn't win best actress, so yeah...its been a sad monday...

Its ok Ellen, you're my best actress. Always...

Gothy Juno Screenwriter Diablo Cody did win for best original screenplay, so i guess thats cool too...i guess...

Hey! Miley Cyrus was there too!

The next time we hang out Miley, I will redeem myself. My heart can't rest til then...

As for my serious opinions about the winners, you will have to read my other blog (note: doesn't exist), and I think this blog will be taken out of my hands very soon if i keep posting pictures of Hannah Montana, yet i do not understand why.



joyce said...

1. the overarching theme of this blog seems to be ellen page.

2. miley looks ugly in that picture! but very tall.

3. you love once!!!!!!!

4. love you.

5. get a damn screenshot of mary on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the all of a sudden love for Ellen Page..was it because of Juno? It all seemed to just come out of nowhere. Did it start with Hard Candy and is it only now coming out? Whatever. Awesome. Miley is a major skank.


James Russell said...

Transformers losing wasn't even the biggest upset of the night.... HOW CAN YOU NOT GIVE NORBIT THE WIN FOR BEST MAKEUP.... PURE MOVIE MAGIC.... some french bs wins it anyway..... I rhink that was a bad choice for the award

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