Monday, February 11, 2008

Wowie Kazowie Productions' Blog

Now, you may be thinking that this is a new thing for Wowie Kazowie Productions, but blogging is a song we've sung before. Back a year or two ago when we had our public access show, I started a blog which would chronicle what's going on with us, and it would mainly involve our show and the synopsis of what was on it. Yeah, woo, blogging rocked.

Then the show stopped, and I realized that there would be very little to do with a blog other than...well, blog. And then i began being plagued by thousands upon thousands of comments from spam and those robot things...what do they call them...goblins? vampires? Whatever. So i ended up saying goodbye. "Fuck the Police" says Tupac, "Fuck the Blogs" says I.

Hooooweeeever, I am not one to give up on technology, and since it's monday and i'm bored, i guess i will make a new blog for Wowie Kazowie Productions. We still do things, even though you haven't seen an official short from us since 2006. The website is a creature unto itself, I find it increasingly difficult to update a site thats main offering are videos when there are sites that are ten times easier to upload a video. Nevertheless, i feel that the vids you watch of ours should be of the highest quality possible so, ya know, goobyloobs.

Anyways, this blog is going on way too long. See? Are you still reading? Don't worry, it's the first one, the other ones won't be so long, and they will have videos and pictures and cave drawings for you to be amused or irritated by. Basically what i want out of this blog is for you, the fan (James Russell pretty much), to be completely updated on what's going on with the shit we do day in and day out, including our feature-length film, Ultimate Sacrifice and the Holy Grail. "You're still doing that one!? Really?" Fuck yeah we are. 95% done is a pretty serious accusation, so i won't make it. I will also try to get Dan to write on here for things that i cannot explain (Fool's Gold review, etc) and because he is half of Wowie Kazowie (not 1/3...crystal!)

So yeah, that's the story. I'm sure this will be updated heavily for a week, then once or twice a month, and then never. Enjoy it while it last folks.

- Terence "Fred Jones Soda" Krey

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CDtrails said...

You are really quite the poet, seriously man. I have always enjoyed reading your "blogs," like I should write a book. You're funny enough! Anyways...I've only read the first one and I think it's pretty great as well as the layout. It gets me all excited inside...yay for WKP!

So...if Danny is one half...and you're the other half...who the hell am I? Nothing I guess. And who is James Russell? I guess we're sorta the step downs. Hm. Anyways...perhaps this comment has gone on for way too long!

all my best (and support!)

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