Monday, March 3, 2008

Norse mythology is fantasgreat.

Hey everyone. I know I haven't been "blogging" recently, but I want you to know i have a very good reason not to.

Moving on, today's post actually has a video attachment! Neato! This is a minute and a half short that we shot for editing class, and I figured I should put it on here since you folks are so starved for new Wowie Kazowie material. Its got myself and Wowie Kazowie actor Frank Perry in it, and its sorta kinda an introduction to the characters we will be playing in the new Wowie Kazowie series Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge, btw, is a (hopefully) upcoming episodic series from Wowie Kazowie Productions in which three gods from Norse Mythology come down to Earth to try and save the world, but get caught up in the equally mythical world of high school. Sounds logical right? Anyways, Frank plays Thor (naturally) and I will be playing Loki, the "asshole" god (official name).

What follows is a player from with the video, but you can also directly download an mp4 of it (which you can put on your Ipod! nifty!) from our server. By the way, Stage6, the video server we were using, shut down last week, and I'm very depressed. This veoh thing I'm testing out and its just not as badass. Oh well, here ya go:

Or Right Click Here to Download the MP4

Mmm, new vidz. They are delicious. Well leave a comment and let me know what ya think.

- Terence

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