Monday, July 21, 2008

By the sweat of Ymir! Its Rainbow Bridge promos!

As if the confusing title of that blog doesn't explain it enough. We've got three, count em, three new promos straight from the crazy town of Rainbow Bridge, where Norse gods can follow their dreams, even if it just involves going to high school and watching television. Well, first up is:

Meet Tad! (see it also on Youtube!):

Obviously we love to mock Hugo Lopez and his portrayal of Odin. Obviously...

A Frost Giant PSA (see it also on Youtube!):

As annoying as Loki is, he makes a good point.

Meet Veronica & Blaine (see it also on Youtube!):

Well there ya have it. Blaine and Veronica make their first appearance, and wait til you see it in action. Whoa!

That's all for now folks. Watch, repeat, reflect. Later this week will be the release of the Rainbow Bridge tale When Loki met Veronica, which I know we're all very excited for. So until then, keep watching the horizon.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Yea, looks cool and all, and I bet people will actually think this is funny, but really, does this hold a match to TRON 2.0?!

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