Friday, July 18, 2008

More Rainbow Bridge pictures! When Loki met Veronica!

Man, when are you people gonna be tired of Rainbow Bridge!? I hope never. Really. Well, on Wednesday, we shot a Rainbow Bridge mini-short, entitled When Loki met Veronica, a sort of companion piece to the larger Revenge of the Frost Giant, as well as a introduction to the characters of Veronica and Blaine (great names!). We all had a lot of fun, as usual (if we don't have fun, there's hell to pay). Why should i keep talking, let's take a look!

Here they are. Brand new Rainbow Bridge characters. Veronica, the cheerleading fem-fatale of Rainbow Bridge, is played by Crystal Vagnier, Wowie Kazowie vet. Beside her is her jock football boyfriend, Blaine, played by newcomer Christian Nilsson. Both of them are wonderful additions to the Rainbow Bridge universe, and they look way too happy in this picture.

Between RB football shirts and a camo mini-skirt, i just don't know what's a better outfit.

Daniel Fox returns to behind the camera after a hiatus...of twenty-four hours.

Now, I know what you're thinking...if Veronica is a cheerleader, where's the outfit!? Oh, don't worry, its coming. Just like you'll be when you see her in it.

Is Danny going to sneeze or put his hand on his head in frustration?

Ah, gotcha. Filmmaking ain't all fun and games, folks. Headaches will occur. Aspirin will be needed.

Uh oh. Leave it to Loki to come between Blaine and his girl. Let's hope Blaine is smart enough to see past his tricks....

Friends? Maybe? Thumbs up are always a good sign...

Wuh oh. Romance. But is Loki really in love with Veronica, or just the colors of her shirt?

'Nuff said. Tell me this doesn't capture everything high school is in one frame. TELL ME!

I think we all know who the real couple is from this shot.

If i wasn't tired, this would be made into a badass poster. Loki's right hand was digitally added in, by the no need to get concerned....

A blast. That's what that was. Check back later on for....promos! That's right, actual videos! They are like pictures that move. Whoa baby. Keep checking the blog for all the latest.

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