Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Revenge of the Frost Giant: Shooting Day One

You missed us. I know. Wasted Goodbye just didn't give you a good enough fix for the summer. So that's why we've got this blockbuster of a Rainbow Bridge coming at ya. Now that you've seen the poster (see the post before this), now get ready for everything else. I give you day one of shooting....

Brothers, gods, and irritants to each other, Thor and Loki are ready for a new adventure that will lead them all over their new suburban hometown. Frank Perry and Terence Krey reprise their roles in this ongoing series from Wowie Kazowie Productions.

Frank Perry sure knows how to be epic, as shown by this picture. You know he loved that hammer when we gave it to him.

Loki has no idea why he's going on this adventure, just like Terence Krey has no idea what face to make.

Mjolnir, the mighty hammer of Thor finally makes its appearance. And if you were to say that it looks a lot like the comic book Thor's hammer, then...well....shut up.

Thor and Loki go looking for help, and find it in fellow high school student Tad, played by the great Daniel Smith. And yes, that is a skateboard he is sitting on. Whoa baby.

Ooh behind the scenes! If only we could hear what these genius filmmakers were discussing at this moment. Oh wait, I was there. It wasn't that interesting.

What a wonderful little candid moment. Happiness is synonymous with rainbows.

That's a slurpee, btw. Clearly all three of these men are amazed by it.

Visit these places on the Wowie Kazowie bus tour!

Whoa, dead end. Talk about symbolism.

Not only is filmmaking a job that is entirely rewarding, but how else would i be able to lay on random street corners for no reason? Exactly.

Thor is finally fed up with Loki about the predicament they are in. And who the hell is that guy with the camera!? Oh right...we're....filming a movie.

You know, all Thor wants is a way to get his hair products delivered to his door with great haste. If there was only some way....

Hm. Well, just look at this picture. Face it, the only way to achieve true happiness, is to be in a Wowie Kazowie Production. Its just a fact, I'm sorry. Join us.


For Widescreen Monitorolas:

Fullscreen Motherfuckers:

How was that! Not bad huh!? Well there is always more to come, and we can't wait to get to more filming and put this short out for all you to see. Check back tomorrow for some more surprises....more pictures? Promos? Who knows!?

- For Asgard.

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