Monday, July 28, 2008

Revenge Shooting Day Two: Betty and Veronica fun!

Pictures are so much fun. Its like they are worth a thousand of....something. Peanuts. Peanut M&Ms. Alright, that's enough. Let's look at these pictures.

The women of Rainbow Bridge finally meet. Kiley McDonald returns as Betty, Thor's only friend and possibly the love of his immortal life. Joining her is Crystal Vagnier, playing the cheerleader Veronica, and Loki's current girlfriend. They sure look happy.

I'm sure they are just the bestest of friends, right? RIGHT? We're all friends here in Rainbow Bridge...

Oh. Damn.

Actress Crystal Vagnier went to intensive cheerleading camp for 6 months to understand the role of Veronica. She did not come back the same.

Why do we never see director Daniel Fox's face? If you looked into his eyes, you would turn to stone. True story. Just try it.

As nice as Betty can be, Loki can't help but be an asshole. Not to mention his lack of pants.

Betty visits the Johnson household in hopes for getting some donations for the Junior class, but Loki opens the door in hopes of getting Betty to love him.

Betty and Veronica meet unexpectedly, and it does not go well. Talk about a showdown.

Even when we're not shooting, Kiley can't help but tell stories and teach Crystal some life lessons. That's why she's Betty.

Depression. Sweaty armpits. Lack of pants. These are but some of the hardships that weigh on the independent filmmaker.

Wow. Those chairs are rather ominous looking. I wonder what they will be used for.

Ah, right. Dreams come true folks, all you have to do is believe.

Oh right. We were making a movie. That's right!

With Betty and Veronica tied up, do you think they will have to finally get along?

Is Crystal bored, or is she playing Veronica as being bored!? (I think both).

This needs no explanation. This is....Rainbow Bridge.

Wall...papers?! What's that!?

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