Friday, August 8, 2008

Revenge of the Frost Giant Days 3, 4, and 5!

Ooh yeah. Pictures make the heart grow fonder. It makes you miss us more. So look at them!

The family is back, and this time....its breakfast time. Hugo Lopez returns as Odin, the allfather, and one bearded son of a bitch.

What happiness. Hugo's inability to wear pants has been a problem we've faced in the many years of our friendship, btw.

Loki loves his cereal. He also doesn't understand how to keep it all in the bowl. Stupid god....

Loki delivers some bad news to his brother Thor, who in turn decides to kill Loki...with a box of Fruit Loops. Danger!

This is probably the most uncomfortable actor Frank Perry has ever looked. And trust me, i put him in a lot of uncomfortable positions....wait, what?

Cute! A snapshot for Thor's promotional build-a-bear commercial.

Ready for action, no matter what time of day. And look at little miss hip with his copy of Watchmen. Poser.

Odin finally gets dressed, and completes his look with some disguising sunglasses. Now he looks nothing like a god from Norse Mythology.

Yeah, fight the power. The power...being Frost Giants.

Loki decides to bring his mortal girlfriend, Veronica, over to meet the family. Clearly this is the worst decision he's ever made in his life. But at least they look happy!

Fortunately, Odin's got a van big enough to fit as many gods and humans needed, and they all have they're own cup holders!

Odin and his favorite son, his doggie.

Hm, is he whispering secrets to his dog, or trying to eat him. These are but some of the mysteries that lie within Rainbow Bridge....

That's it for today everybody! This upcoming week will be the last few days of shooting for Revenge, and I hope you are all very excited to see the finished product. I know I am. Until next time, see you around Midgard.

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