Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Revenge of the Frost Giant: Day....SIX.

On Sunday, the lord's day, we had our sixth day of shooting for Revenge, and the whole cast finally got together. We all had a lot of fun, but I'm sure you will be able to see that from the pictures. then again, maybe we're just faking it for the camera. Maybe...secretly...we all really hate each other. A lot. Mysteries....

Actors Frank Perry and Kiley McDonald are finally reunited after months of withdrawal from one another. What lies in store for the characters of Betty and Thor in this episode you ask? Awkwardness, for sure. Maybe something else....

Veronica loves Loki. Loki loves the camera. But who does the camera love!?

Loki just can't help but come between Betty and Thor at every chance he gets. Why? Because its fun!

For Thor's Myspace.

Actor Hugo Lopez being crowned as King....of bearded men.

You're telling me its raining!? Screw that! We got umberrrellas! We can withstand anything! And that's what we did.

There they are. The lovely cast of Rainbow Bridge. Odin is apparently doing a Santa Claus impersonation.

If they only took this picture a second later, you would have seen laser beams coming from Hugo's hands. Damn...

You can almost hear the theme song to the show playing, can't you? (Note: I have no idea what the theme song is.)

Loki ain't looking at the camera cuz he "wants to be different." Good luck.

I'm sure Thor can't help but feel like Loki is a burden sometimes. This picture doesn't symbolize that at all, however.

Hm, somebody's not in character in this picture. Can you guess who it is!? (Its the car in the background).

Uh, what! How did these pictures get in here!? These are from Kiley's prom!

There's nothing more romantic that rotating lights and a hot fuzz poster.

You always have to save the best for last. Hopefully I did not disappoint.


For Widescreen Monitors:

For Fullscreen Monitors:

Yes sir and/or madam. You are welcome. We've got two more days of shooting this week, and you know what that means....more fucking pictures. Check back later on, if you can handle it.

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