Thursday, August 28, 2008

Revenge of the Frost Giant: THE TRAILER....RELEASED!

Whoa. I shit you not. We wrapped "production" (I use that term lightly) about 2 weeks ago, and since then its been a little light on updates to the blog. Well now we've got something that everybody can enjoy. The trailer to the newest Rainbow Bridge tale, Revenge of the Frost Giant. Its overly-epic, full of slow motion, gives no plot points away, and maybe...sorta....parodies a certain popular trailer to be released this summer. Enjoy it my friends, enjoy it.

Revenge of the Frost Giant: The Trailer (Check it out on Youtube too!):

Yes! Excitement! Get ready for its release in September 2008 (next month bro) and stay tuned for more Wowie Kazowie news right here on this stupid fucking blog.

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