Friday, September 26, 2008

The new Rainbow Bridge tale, Revenge of the Frost Giant.....RELEASED!

It is time. The town of Rainbow Bridge will never be the same. Well, maybe it will be. The point is, the new episode of Rainbow Bridge has been released, and we've got it here for your viewing pleasure. Production only began a little more than two months ago, but it feels like forever. Thanks to the awesomeness of all the people involved, we have been able to turn out a great piece of filmmaking, or whatever it is we do.

Revenge of the Frost Giant, the fourth chapter in the Rainbow Bridge saga, is the first full (bloated) length episode of the series. Weeks into their excursion into the world of men, and Thor and Loki's concerns mainly revolve around homework and fast-food. As they begin to doubt their father's prophecy about the Ragnarok on Earth, they are soon thrown into an adventure to save the lives of two mortals very close to their hearts. (Aprox. 32 Minutes. )



Revenge of the Frost Giant: A Rainbow Bridge Tale from Wowie Kazowie Productions on Vimeo.

Direct Download (HIGHEST QUALITY):

Click Here for IPOD VIDEO/QUICKTIME (371 MB)

Click Here for WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO (427 MB)

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