Monday, October 27, 2008

A Rainbow Bridge Halloween: Days 5-7!

Yeah man. Its been a crazy two weeks. But A Rainbow Bridge Halloween has been completed. And a fun time was had by all. Mostly. Enough talk! Pictures!

Day Five:

Christian Nilsson gets suited up as Blaine, the goofy football quarterback. And yes, he is creating a holster/belt thing for toilet paper.

A new character! Yes! Wowie Kazowie vet Tim Kelly enters the world of Rainbow Bridge as Mr. Clark, the depressed and lonely math teacher at the high school. Here, he shows off his...uh, cleaning supplies.

Mr. Clark's depression is further personified by the old, empty house he resides in. Probably the most uncolorful place in all of Rainbow Bridge.

Just to give you an idea of the amount of production design goes into this show; the papers Mr. Clark is grading have all been filled out and are all character-specific. Damn, that's hot.

On this night of Halloween, Mr. Clark gets a little more than your regular trick or treaters.

Blaine. Masked toilet paper vigilante.

Real trouble arrives when Odin comes to the house looking for candy (and yes, his Halloween costume is Santa Claus. Its his first Halloween, give him a break!) Oh, and that evil scarecrow also shows up. Wuh oh.

At least they all managed to get a long at the end of the day. Whew.

Day Seven:

Fight scenes are hard work folks. You know how many times Frank had to just lie on the ground!? Damn. God damn.

Fortunately for Thor, Betty gets in on the action. And man does she kick ass.

A reflective scarecrow moment.

Clearly Kiley and that cat have something going on. Let's face it.

Whoa. Talk about the "we're in love with ourselves" club...........i'm the president....

I dont know who's funnier looking. Or who's more irritated.

Yeah. That's what its all about. Family. A family of gods. Let's not forget that.

It's not so much about this.

The fearsome five. Decked out in all their Halloween glory.

Like the other one. Just Odin's being more serious.....


Widescreen YO! (1280 x 768)

HEY! Fullscreen! (1024 x 768)

That's it my friends. Stay tuned for all things Rainbow Bridge, Wowie Kazowie, and the upcoming release of A Rainbow Bridge Halloween.

Cast Poster for A Rainbow Bridge Halloween!

Mmm, delicious.

Filming wrapped last night, and what a whirlwind filming this ep has been. However, we got some great stuff and we can't wait for you folks at home to see it. Check back later for more pictures and wallpapers from this weekend of filming.

Yay for Santa!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Rainbow Bridge Halloween: Days Three AND Four!

Yes. I left out day two because i forgot to take pictures that day. Do you have a problem with that? Say something. Come on. Anyways:

Day Three:

There they are. Frank Perry, Crystal Vagnier, and Christian Nilsson all return. As if they wouldn't.

Waiting diligently for their chance to shine.

Thor, although not exactly sure what Halloween is, still shows his holiday spirit with a fancy t-shirt.

Meet the villain. An animated scarecrow magically brought to life begins terrorizing the town of Rainbow Bridge. Hopefully someone will fight it.

Part of the "Reanimated Scarecrow Movement" class director Daniel Fox gives every year.

Explination? I have none.

The scarecrow wants to let you know that he can roll with any crew.

Cutbacks are a bitch, folks.

Again. I have no explanation. But look at me with the light! Cute!

Show-fucking-down. Ya ready? Ya ready?

Now that's a candid. When god met man.

Ohh, so the scarecrow is a real person! Yes, Christian double-dipped in this episode, as both Blaine and the smarter...Scarecrow.

Practicing the fight between Thor and the Scarecrow. Does this mean that Thor might actually have a challenge? Uh oh.

Yeah. There ya go. We reward our actors very well.

Day Four:

Everyone in the Fox household wanted to give Kiley McDonald a warm welcome back.

Oh. Betty and Thor. Its the relationship we all want to have. Right?

We just found Kiley up there. Luckily we were filming with her that same day. And look at that outfit! Cute!

Thor, or Frank, impatiently waits for whats going to happen next! He can't get enough Rainbow Bridge!

Learning to read is important.


Thor. Angst-ridden.

I have no clever caption.

Will Betty and Thor ever be able to just relax and enjoy a movie? Somehow i doubt it. But, we can dream.

Yeah! We're now over halfway through shooting A Rainbow Bridge Halloween, and its coming out grrrrreat! I can't wait for everyone to see it. Stay tuned for more news and all that good stuff.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Rainbow Bridge Halloween: Day ONE.

Everyone's favorite holiday is about to meet everyone's favorite family of Norse gods. Production on A Rainbow Bridge Halloween has begun. Did it go off with a bang? I guess let's find out:

They are back. Reprising their roles as Jason, Justin, and Tad are Hugo Lopez, Ender Oztimurlenk, and Daniel Smith. They three guys are trying to have a nice Halloween get together, complete with a special friend.

Jason and Justin. Forced to be friends by their similar names. Damn.

Tad has his own bff as well. A scarecrow, complete with a pumpkin head, which the guys stole from a nearby farm. Why did they do this? Cuz they are god damn punks.

Veronica, reluctantly, shows up to this gathering to pick up her brother Jason. (you didn't know that they were related!? Someone hasn't been reading the graphic novel). And look at that cute outfit!

That fire ain't digital folks. It be 165% real. When we shoot, we go for the gold.

What a fun time. And with beer no less! If only that scarecrow could actually put his head on his shoulders. Poor guy...

Oh right. The show is about Norse gods. Loki, of course, is at the party too. And of course, he's gotta stir up some shit. Surprising? No. Never.

If i explained to you what was going on at this moment, then...well, you would just lose the magic of Rainbow Bridge. It would go away....

I always like to have a drink and relax with my favorite inanimate human size object.

Yeah. Look at that lighting. We know how to do this shit. Don't forget it. Wow.

The one that got away. Loki still wants to give Veronica some of his personal, intimate, magic. But, since the events of Revenge of the Frost Giant, has Veronica wised up to his act? Probably.

I feel like this image belongs on the wall of a church. Don't you? No? Neither did i...

"Tad." Fucking brill man.

The cast of day one. And what a job they did. Note Hugo on the phone. And me looking like a prick.

Unfortunately, the grim reality is that making movies is no fun and games. Sometimes you have to sit on your floor working long hours over a bale of hay. Damn.

So concludes are journey into day one of shooting. Overall, it was a nice little scene and a nice change of pace, it being the first nighttime Rainbow Bridge scene. Let's hope the rest of shooting this month goes just as smoothly. But until we find out, keep watching...this blog.
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