Friday, October 10, 2008

Announcement! THREE new Rainbow Bridge tales!

What!? Did you say...3? As in, not one, not two, but three? Yeah. Sorry guys. But it looks like.

We've got three new stories straight from the streets of Rainbow Bridge coming your way. And I'm here to tell you about them. First up...well, isn't it obvious?

Chapter V: A Rainbow Bridge Halloween (Working title)

Its that time of the year folks. And how could the people of Rainbow Bridge not have a fun spooky holiday? On the gods' first October 31st, Betty tries to teach Thor about the meaning of Halloween, an idea he can't exactly get his head around. And as this fun (and possibly romantic) night unfolds, things are further complicated by an evil animated Scarecrow that is terrorizing the town (which Loki may or may not have accidentally brought to life). Looks like hilarity will ensue.

Chapter VI: Blaine's in Love (Working title)

A short piece starring everyone's favorite football player with a speech-impediment. Following Loki and Veronica's break-up, Blaine sees this as an opportunity to ask Veronica out to the homecoming dance. Unfortunately, he does not know how to woo Veronica into going back out with him, and he is in desperate need of help. Enter Freya, a strange girl who may or may not be the Norse god of love and sexuality. With her help, will Blaine be able to win the girl of his dreams, or just be the goof that we all know him to be? dun dun dun.

and last, but certainly not least:

Chapter VII: Norse Gods Can't Jump (not working title!)

That's right. What high school show would be complete without the necessary sport episode. While walking through the gym, Thor and Loki run into an angered Blaine, still pissed from being beaten up by Thor (see "Revenge of the Frost Giant"). Blaine challenges Thor to a game of basketball to settle the score, and unfortunately, Thor has no idea what basketball is. But, does Blaine have other information that may entice Thor to play the game? I guess we'll just have to find out.

"Norse Gods Can't Jump" has already been shot. We did it for a school project and were able to acquire an actual FILM camera (what). It was quite an experience and could not have happened thanks to a great group of people we worked with. Here's some more pictures from this epic Rainbow Bridge tale:


Fullscreen Monitors:

Widescreen Monitors:

Wow. I'm excited. All these three episodes should be all be released sometime this fall, and the Halloween episode goes into production this Sunday. Thanks again to all the fans and people that make this shit possible. Who the hell would we make these things for without you galz and guyz.


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