Monday, October 27, 2008

A Rainbow Bridge Halloween: Days 5-7!

Yeah man. Its been a crazy two weeks. But A Rainbow Bridge Halloween has been completed. And a fun time was had by all. Mostly. Enough talk! Pictures!

Day Five:

Christian Nilsson gets suited up as Blaine, the goofy football quarterback. And yes, he is creating a holster/belt thing for toilet paper.

A new character! Yes! Wowie Kazowie vet Tim Kelly enters the world of Rainbow Bridge as Mr. Clark, the depressed and lonely math teacher at the high school. Here, he shows off his...uh, cleaning supplies.

Mr. Clark's depression is further personified by the old, empty house he resides in. Probably the most uncolorful place in all of Rainbow Bridge.

Just to give you an idea of the amount of production design goes into this show; the papers Mr. Clark is grading have all been filled out and are all character-specific. Damn, that's hot.

On this night of Halloween, Mr. Clark gets a little more than your regular trick or treaters.

Blaine. Masked toilet paper vigilante.

Real trouble arrives when Odin comes to the house looking for candy (and yes, his Halloween costume is Santa Claus. Its his first Halloween, give him a break!) Oh, and that evil scarecrow also shows up. Wuh oh.

At least they all managed to get a long at the end of the day. Whew.

Day Seven:

Fight scenes are hard work folks. You know how many times Frank had to just lie on the ground!? Damn. God damn.

Fortunately for Thor, Betty gets in on the action. And man does she kick ass.

A reflective scarecrow moment.

Clearly Kiley and that cat have something going on. Let's face it.

Whoa. Talk about the "we're in love with ourselves" club...........i'm the president....

I dont know who's funnier looking. Or who's more irritated.

Yeah. That's what its all about. Family. A family of gods. Let's not forget that.

It's not so much about this.

The fearsome five. Decked out in all their Halloween glory.

Like the other one. Just Odin's being more serious.....


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That's it my friends. Stay tuned for all things Rainbow Bridge, Wowie Kazowie, and the upcoming release of A Rainbow Bridge Halloween.

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