Saturday, December 20, 2008

The fifth chapter in the Rainbow Bridge saga........Norse Gods Can't Jump!

Well. About forking time. I know you long to go back to Rainbow Bridge as much as I long to escape it. Well, here's a Christmas present for you early. The newest Rainbow Bridge tale, Norse Gods Can't Jump, has been released. And you good internet people are invited to the party. Shot on 16mm film (WTF!?) with an amazing crew, check out the first of three new tales to come out this month.

While walking through the gym, Thor and Loki run into an angered Blaine, still pissed from being beaten up by Thor (see "Revenge of the Frost Giant"). Blaine challenges Thor to a game of basketball to settle the score, and unfortunately, Thor has no idea what basketball is. But, does Blaine have other information that may entice Thor to play the game?

Or Watch it On Youtube!

Windows Media (145 MB)
IPOD/Quicktime (49 MB)

Yes yes. And there's more to come. Check back in a few days for the release of The Sandman.

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