Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thor's School Project: A Brand New Rainbow Bridge Tale!

I know, i know. Two short film releases in one night. Can you believe it!? Yes? Oh, alright...Well, next up is a brand new tale from everyone's favorite Norse gods...

Thor's School Project, is a brand new Rainbow Bridge Tale. Thor, Odin, and Loki have just arrived on Earth, and already adjusting to human life has had its share of difficulties. Thor has to do a project for school with fellow student Betty, but it never is that easy. Between Odin's inappropriate stories and Loki's need to sleep with Betty, Thor has got his hands full. Sit back, relax, and get introduced to the odd world that is Rainbow Bridge.

Thor's School Project (check it out on Youtube too!):
Thor's School Project:: A Rainbow Bridge Tale from Wowie Kazowie Productions on Vimeo.

Check it out in DIVX Streaming (Highest Quality Folks!!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Interview: Brand New Short Film Release!

Short films!? Being released!? Right now!? That's right everyone, welcome to premier night on the Wowie Kazowie Blog. We've got two brand new 10+ minute short films for your viewing pleasure. You are excited, I can tell through this computer screen. First up is:

The Interview, a heartwarming tale about a young pizza boy (Terence Krey) who loses his job after accidentally hitting a businessman (Frank Perry) with his car. What ensues, is awkwardness, and of course...hilarity. There's even a revisit to the pizza place from Ultimate Sacrifice (cuz you've all seen it). Check it out folks:

The Interview (or watch it on Youtube!):

Monday, April 14, 2008

I want to goooooo.....Rainbow Bridge!

Life is fun. Especially when you live in the town of Rainbow Bridge. Where Norse gods, pizza delivery boys, and high school girls can come together and live in harmony. We had two funderful days of shooting for the newest Rainbow Bridge tale, Thor's School Project (tentative title), and it came together magically. But I'm a visual guy (I am?) so here goes nothing....

The god himself, Thor, the brave Asgardian, ruler of thunder and lightning. You know what actor Frank Perry had to do to prepare for the role? Absolutely nothing.

Long time Wowie Kazowie vet Daniel Smith returns as a pizza guy. Yes, he is wearing an Alvin (the chipmunk) shirt. And yes, it is glorious.

Thor just can't understand the concept that is pizza. Not even with the pizza guy's amazing point. HUH!?

Odin, the Allfather, must do whatever it takes to stop the Ragnarök. Even if that means forcing Thor and Loki to go to high school. Damn, what a dad.

Oh the things a director must do. Now, the logical thing to think would be that I am fixing actor Hugo Lopez's beard and wig. This is not the case, I just really like to make sure he feels special while I direct him.

Film making is a glorious thing. As is potatoes. I guess there's some type of symbolism in this picture. Guess it and you win a Rainbow Bridge t-shirt!

Finally, the gang is complete, thanks to the introduction of Terence Krey (uh, me) as the obnoxious God of Mischief, Loki. When you see this family shopping at the local

Loki and Thor. Brothers who love each other.....yeah. What could possible have these two gods fighting!? Could it be...

Ah, of course. Kiley McDonald reprises her role has Betty, the overachieving student and Thor's partner on this school project. Little does she know that she is in for a bumpy and awkward ride.

Oh Betty, if only you knew that Thor can't read. Damn you public school system!

Clearly, Betty is not amused by Loki's sarcastic and asshole-ish nature. Loki however, is willing to do whatever it takes to get into Betty's...uh...good graces. ZING!

Whew, what a ride!? Did you love those pictures? I know I did. What's that? You say you wish some of them were WALLPAPERS?! Damn, well aren't you in for a surprise.

Wallpapers! Click on em!

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You are welcome, btw. Check back later on for more of all the Wowie Kazowie things you care about.

- Me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Image Tuesday! New short film pictures!

New image Tuesday!? I thought we discontinued those! Well you guys all responded so negatively to getting rid of them, we decided to bring them back...uh...yeah. This week are pictures (from a camera!) of a shoot from this past Sunday for a short film entitled The Interview.

The Interview is about a young man, Kale (Terence Krey), who goes for a very awkward job interview with a very intimidating employer (Frank Perry). Hilarity erupts...i mean, ensues.

We shot a good portion of the film on Sunday, and it came out well. We all had a lot of fun. Let me show you...

Frank Perry plays scary employer Rich Jenkins. Look at that serious face, and equally serious suit. Damn.

Waitaminute, this isn't from the shoot, this is from my audition tape for my local middle school's production of The Office Jr!

He may look all professional and smart now, but you know that son of a bitch has his hammer Mjolnir under the desk ready to kill a Giant.
How can you not be intimidated! Look at those....beautiful flowers. And strangely positioned stapler and hole-puncher.

Ooh, filming behind the scenes. Soooo fascinating. Wow. Whoopeee. Who's that badass holding the mic?

Why its Jacob, badass boom operating mo fo. And yes, this is our first time using a boom in a Wowie Kazowie short. Also the first time using...uh...big boy clothes.
Even at the end of the day, Kale and Rich Jenkins can still stay best friends. So don't worry folks. Cuz we're in it...for success. GET IT!? HA! (stop reading)

Director Daniel Fox shows his face. Holy shit. Let's not forget that beautiful camera. On that beautiful cart that we used as a dolly (aka fuck you film school).

Mmm, i love new actresses. Playing April the receptionist (can't you tell?) Roberta Weingaertner rocked in both answering phones and making Kale feel shitty about life after high school.
I just had to get a close up shot of the Unicorn Financial logo. Albeit it sounds so made up, Mrs. Fox made a logo and sign that i just fell in love with. I hung it on me wall!

Two actors. One director. The winner? The Mets bear.

Frank and I decided to play an over sized game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. It did not end well.
Well that's about it for this week folks. I hope you enjoyed all these snazzy pictures and a look into the office theme madness that is The Interview. It will be release sometime late this month, so get ready! Now, next week, I hope to have a fresh new batch from filming this upcoming weekend. Filming what you ask? Well, its a bridge baby. Rainbow Bridge. Mhmm.

- Me.
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