Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You know it feels like a....Wasted Goodbye.

The time has come. On this late Monday evening, I am proud to release the newest short film from Wowie Kazowie Productions, A Wasted Goodbye. It clocks in at around 16 minutes, and it is full of the most sentimental nostalgia you will see anywhere. It is surely a film for the fans. For those of you that have no idea what a "Wasted" film is, click here for a primer. But, without further ado, the end of the Wasted Day saga. Oh, and watch it til the very end. Trust me.

A Wasted Goodbye (check it out on Youtube too!):

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wasted what!? (The Wasted Primer)

The wasted day saga. Probably the most important set of six films ever to grace the screen (fuck you star wars). Yet, to my amazement, there are some of you who have no idea what this series is (wow, surprising). So, in honor of the release of the final chapter, A Wasted Goodbye, i give you all the information you need on the six wasted films, as well as the shorts themselves:

Wasted Day (2004):

The first film is the simple story of three friends: Ben, Josh, and David. Since being bogged down by their own personal lives, they finally find the time to hang out and have one wasted day. Yet, a scheme to get back at Ben's ex-girlfriend finds them in trouble with the mob that she may or may not be connected to.

Wasted Day 2 (2004):

Our story continues as they were not blown up by the mob, but instead are just driving aimlessly around town. Ben decides they must apologize to Christina, but Josh and David think this is a bad idea. Meanwhile, Christina's father, Mr. Fratelli the mob boss, sends an insane Hitman after the three guys to "scare them a little." It doesn't go as planned.

The Hitman Chronicles (2004):

The third chapter is a psuedo-prequel focusing on the Hitman character from Wasted Day 2. Learning his real name (Steven J. Hitman, ha), the Hitman encounters many adventures while working for the mob boss Mr. Fratelli. This culminating in a duel with his arch nemesis, The Baker, for a canoli he must leave on David's doorstep. From musical sequences to the bag man scene, you can tell we take our movies very seriously.

A Wasted Christmas (2005):

Even the Wasted Day guys get the holiday spirit as they search their suburban town for the meaning of Christmas, while Fratelli and the Hitman enjoy a Christmas at the Fratelli household. After a disapointing search for a shining star, the three guys find themselves with the mob men, only to have a spirited holiday musical sequence, puppets and all.

Ben and Josh's Wasted Easter (2006):

Ben and Josh are missing David, as well as something to do on this rather boring holiday. They decide to stay home to watch an Easter-themed movie, but the night is filled with startling revelations about Ben's girlfriends and one demonic chocolate bunny. Uh, yeah whatever.

Wasted for the Holidays (2006):

In the second Wasted Christmas film, Ben and Josh (played by a different actor, Mike Simms) try to figure out what to do this night of holiness, again without their third pal, David. They are invited to a huge Italian Christmas feast over at Mr. Fratelli's, who apparently wants to be their friend. However, Fratelli's new Hitman, Charles, decides to kill Ben and Josh. Can Ben and Josh stop the Hitman, and find a new man to complete their broken threesome? Guess you should find out.

A Wasted Goodbye (2008):

The seventh and final chapter in the Wasted saga. Josh returns home from college to Ben's open arms, but has some bad news along with him. Because of this, Ben decides to give Josh the best week of his life, full of adventures just like the old days (see above). However, is this reliving the past obtainable? Or is Ben's attempt to relive the glory days a huge....waste? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

That's it folks. Four years of short film making summed up in one blog post. Real nice. Stay tuned for more info on A Wasted Goodbye.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Short Film Announcement! WHOA!

A new short film!?! From Wowie Kazowie Productions!? Noooo, you are joking!! Right?

Nope. Its true. Coming at ya this very month is the new short film entitled.....

A Wasted Goodbye

Does that sound familiar? If you are a fan, it should. Yes, we are making a 7th chapter in the long running series of short films that we've been doing since 2004. Not only will it be the 7th in the series, but it will also be the last in the series. Depressing, i know. Don't believe me? Then just take a look at these pictures (get ready for a trip down memory lane):

See, told ya. Terence Krey and James "fucking" Russell reprise their roles as Ben and Josh, heroes of their own wasted lives. What adventures lie before them? We do know one thing, it will involve the ever-wonderful Taco Bell.

Ben is always ready for a fight, and Josh is always ready for a smile.

Veteran Actor James Russell returns to the screen, after a 2 year absence. The guy's been making films with us since 2000, so it was great to have him back. He surely is not Wasted...

Who the fuck is this!? A new character! Well, maybe, its a secret. But she certainly ain't a new actress. All the greats are coming back for this one, and I know we've all missed veteran actress Crystal Vagnier in a Wowie Kazowie short. Nice shirt, btw.

Confusion sets in, before the doctor can even close the door.

Driving!? In a car!? Surely this must be a Wasted film.

What a pic. Ben's depression just seeps through the photo. Could it be that Ben doesn't want to say (Wasted) goodbye!?

Football is good. All hail football.

Not only is actor James Russell eating an always delicious sandwich, but he is also wearing a sweater vest he once wore for a little film called Amity. His feelings for donning this piece of history for this last Wasted film: "Not good."

Oh yes. Bagman, Wowie Kazowie icon and a god of the Wasted universe, makes an appearance in this Wasted film. Beer in hand, you know this is a film you don't want to miss. Damn, nostalgia.

Uh!? Wallpapers!? WHY NOT!

For Widescreen Monitors:

For Fullscreen Monitors:

Well, now do you believe me? A brand new Wasted film kicking off the summer and reuniting all your favorite Wowie Kazowie actors. I'm excited. You should be too. When will this film be released? Let's say next week. Yeah, that soon. So stay tuned for all the news you need to know.

Oh, and for those of you who have no idea what a Wasted film is, I will be posting a primer sometime in the next few days to get you up to speed. Word.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Video! Oh boy!

We here at Wowie Kazowie Productions only offer the highest of quality in our videos, and would never release anything short of something we thought was amazing.

With that in mind, I give you this:

The end.

Wallpapers....its what you crave.

Now i know how much you loved that image i posted the other day.

I know.

So, now that I've acquired the high rez version of it, i can now make those wonderful things we all love. Click em and save em folks.

For Fullscreen Monitors:

For Widescreen Monitors:

Oh, and by the way, that whole "new tale coming summer 2008" tagline ain't no lie folks. Can't you just feel the anticipation. I know I can.
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