Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Facebook!? Then become a "fan" of Rainbow Bridge!

So apparently, on Facebook, they have these things called "pages," where fans of a certain thing can add them. Well, we have a certain thing, and its called Rainbow Bridge, and i think some of you enjoy it. So, if you're on Facebook, why not add it and become a fan! Let people know that you love it! And maybe they might love it:


Could it be there will be some exclusive content on this fan page thingy? Maybe. Maybe not.

And Rainbow Bridge Halloween is coming. Soon. Very very soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Sandman....a new short film! RUHH-LEASED!

Another video release! So soon! I know. We're great. Being released on this late night is our very own comic book adaptation of the DC Comics character The Sandman. Shot for a Comics to Film class, this little 11 minute surprise turned out to be quite a nice piece....full of serious...ness. That's right, be prepared to see all your favorite Wowie Kazowie regulars, being completely different than what you expect them to be. And its all here in streaming HD!

Wesley Dodds is The Sandman, a gas-mask wearing detective who subdues his enemies with sleeping gas. While investigating a recent string of serial killings, he finds that his girlfriend and partner, Dian Belmont, has gone missing. Can he save Dian in time, or will her kidnappers be too much for him to handle?

Or Watch it on YOUTUBE!

Windows Media (294 MB)
IPOD/Quicktime (181 MB)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The fifth chapter in the Rainbow Bridge saga........Norse Gods Can't Jump!

Well. About forking time. I know you long to go back to Rainbow Bridge as much as I long to escape it. Well, here's a Christmas present for you early. The newest Rainbow Bridge tale, Norse Gods Can't Jump, has been released. And you good internet people are invited to the party. Shot on 16mm film (WTF!?) with an amazing crew, check out the first of three new tales to come out this month.

While walking through the gym, Thor and Loki run into an angered Blaine, still pissed from being beaten up by Thor (see "Revenge of the Frost Giant"). Blaine challenges Thor to a game of basketball to settle the score, and unfortunately, Thor has no idea what basketball is. But, does Blaine have other information that may entice Thor to play the game?

Or Watch it On Youtube!

Windows Media (145 MB)
IPOD/Quicktime (49 MB)

Yes yes. And there's more to come. Check back in a few days for the release of The Sandman.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rainbow Bridge Winter 2008 Promo!

Yeah! New Rainbow Bridge material! Bout time. Alright, well its not exactly a new chapter, but still, its something. Check out Thor and Loki getting ready for the holidays, as well as some little snippets from the new chapz.

All those episode titles are real, btw.

Yeah...Anyways, in other news, you can now check out THE INTERVIEW in HD (or UhhhhhHD).

And don't forget to check back in the coming days for the releases of.......The Sandman....and Norse Gods Can't Jump.

And then in the coming weeks, be sure to be ready for A Rainbow Bridge Halloween and Blaine's In Love!

And then...well, let's just say we can't just ignore Christmas without doing SOMETHING. Yeah

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wowie Kazowie HD! And Sandman pictures!

Many important things to update you with tonight. First and foremost, we've recently upgraded our service at Vimeo to their Vimeo Plus subscription. Now, what that means, is that we're currently changing our catalog over to streaming HD. Alright, well its not exactly HD (because we don't shoot in HD), but its still pretty damn good. I call it "Wowie Kazowie uhhhhHD". So, as of today, you can now watch these films in uhhhHD:

The Entire Rainbow Bridge Series

Radio Nowhere

X-Mas Dinner: How a Wowie Kazowie Short Fails

And for those of you who's computers who can't handle the awesomeness of uhhhhHD, you can just hit the little "HD is ON/OFF" button on the video player and go back to standard quality! Its that simple! You choose your own fate! Wow! And stay tuned for The Interview in uhhhhHD as well as everything that is soon to be released will be in this new format. Isn't that wild!

In other news, Wowie Kazowie began production of another film (i know, i know) this past friday. And guess what...it...has...absolutely NOTHING to do with Rainbow Bridge. Bout time right! We began production of an adaptation of the comic book character of Sandman. You know, the guy with the gas mask? Anyways, it should turn out to be a nice little piece, with...not that much humor. Yeah i know, just try to keep an open mind ok? Puh-lease? Here's some pic from the first night.

Meet the villains. Actors Tim Kelly and Frank Perry play some messed up brothers who like...to kill. Among other things.

Their prey? No-longer-newcomer Stephanie ver Eecke plays Dian, the kidnappee, who may or may not have some serious connection with our title character.

Apparently, its a rite of passage for all Wowie actresses to be tied to a chair.

While this may look like Frank looking over his script, he's actually reading some of his poetry aloud. Lucky for him, he had an audience.

I don't exactly know whats going on here. But still, its definitely....serious.

See? We can still all be friends. Tim holding that belt is rather odd though...

Uh. Yeah. Part of our avant garde collection.

The day one cast. What a gang. We should start a band. Don't i say that about every cast?

Oh shit! There's a Sandman in this movie? Wow! Snazzy! And look at that gun! I hear it shoots gas. Zing.

Man, if Sandman had a facebook profile....

That's it for tonight! But we'll be shooting all this week, so stay tuned for even more pictures and updates from the set of Sandman! And like, maybe we'll release a video one of these days.
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