Friday, January 2, 2009

A Rainbow Bridge Halloween has a release date!

That's right, mark it on your calendars. Because the newest episode of Rainbow Bridge, A Rainbow Bridge Halloween (numbah 6) has now got a release date. You ready? You ready? Ok...

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 9 P.M.

Got it? Simple enough? Next sunday, make sure you point your respective internet browsers right back here, and enjoy you some Rainbow Bridge in all the ways you normally enjoy it. Streaming HD, SD, Youtube, and direct download for your computer and IPOD.

And for those of you who are facebook-savvy (WHO ISNT!?), be sure to check out this nifty little event:



lareyl said...

Love the shorts guys. I try to enjoy the character portrayals even if Loki ISN'T Odin's son. The new chic can't be Sif (she is of the golden hair) and would really throw a wrench into Thor's romance with Betty. She can't be Freyja (red hair and sister to Freyr, not Thor) though all the sexual innuendo's kind of point to her. Perhaps Sigyn? Loki's wife? THAT would be funny! And consider the consequences, that would explain the look on her face when she said 'annoying'. Hilarious.

Either way I found them amusing. Keep up the good work!

Rainbow Bridge said...

We're glad you like them! As far as Odin's lineage and sisters and brothers, well, we kinda cheat a little. For us to do a direct translation of the Norse myths and characters, it would just get too confusing. Don't worry, we're very well aware of where we're taking liberties. And having Sif in the show would throw a wrench into Thor and Betty's relationship, but it would just be oh so much fun.

Keep watching them!

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